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Consortium of Vermont Colleges (CVC)

Vermont’s colleges and universities have an incredible lineup of degrees, majors and programs to help you achieve your goals. You can search for specific programs (graphic design, accounting, environmental studies, etc.) across all of Vermont’s schools, or enter a specific school’s name and see all of its programs.


The CVC is formed of four committees that work cohesively to promote Vermont as the best place to attain your higher educational goals.  Although the group meets quarterly, each committee works throughout the year to advance their individual goals and the overall mission of the CVC.  The CVC Executive Committee works with Vermont admission counselors, high school guidance counselors, the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, and a plethora of other local networks to fulfill their ultimate mission of increasing student enrollment at all Vermont colleges and universities.

The Marketing Committee works with local sponsors and partners to find novel and innovative ways to stimulate interest in Vermont colleges.  

The Professional Development Committee plans the quarterly meetings.  They are charged with finding keynote speakers that represent current trends resonating in admissions offices and designing an effective meeting around the future of higher education in Vermont.

The Bus Tour Committee plans a weeklong tour of 17 colleges and universities for high school guidance counselors and independent college counselors.  

The Graduate Committee works to promote how Vermont can fulfill student needs after they have attained their bachelor’s degree through marketing efforts locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  

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