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Mission, Vision, Values

The Vermont Higher Education Council (VHEC) is a membership organization of Vermont-chartered colleges and universities; we welcome both public and private institutions as well as the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.

Our mission is to explore and implement new forms of cooperative activity which will strengthen the quality and value of higher education in Vermont.

Our vision is to enable our members to fulfill the public purposes of higher education: educating students for an informed and active citizenship, discovering and disseminating knowledge, strengthening communities, and improving lives in Vermont and beyond.

Our values include: 

  • Innovation – we believe in envisioning and implementing bold programs that have the potential to bring positive, transformational change to our members, the higher education field, and the State of Vermont.
  • Shared leadership – as a membership organization we believe that we are most likely to achieve positive change when we foster community among our network, inviting all members to participate through collaborative governance and programming structures.
  • Responsible Stewardship – we strive to make the best use of our financial, physical, human, and natural resources such that members who join our network see VHEC as a trustworthy and accountable partner that offers a positive return on investment. 
  • Equity – we believe that a focus on equity, defined as ensuring that all individuals have the resources that they need to equally participate in democratic life, lies at the heart of the work we do to support the educational and social missions of our member institutions. 
  • Integrity & Authenticity – we bring our best selves to our work, respect our colleagues, and act with honesty and good intentions in all of our interactions and endeavors.
  • Recruiting and retaining the best team possible – we intentionally recruit diverse team members who contribute to our mission and vision, bring positive potential to our work, and collaborate effectively with each other.   Team members are encouraged to pursue personal and professional growth in a supportive work environment.  


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