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Vermont Campus Sustainability Network (VCSN)

The Vermont Campus Sustainability Network (VCSN), formerly called the Vermont Campus Energy Group (VCEG), is a campus resource promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability at Vermont institutions of higher education. VCSN is a platform for stimulating an inclusive dialogue on sustainability efforts within the state.


VCSN promotes environmental awareness and action on Vermont’s campuses and within Vermont’s larger communities through the free exchange of information, focused education and events, creative collaborations, and specific projects and initiatives. We believe that Vermont’s campus communities have the knowledge, will, and resources to lead society-at-large to a more just, equitable, and environmentally sustainable future.

Since 2004, VCSN has worked with campus and community partners to:

  • Foster the creation of staff, student, and faculty sustainability teams
  • Build connections between intercampus sustainability stakeholder groups
  • Develop collaborations between campuses and surrounding communities through outreach and service-learning programs
  • Convene statewide and regional campus sustainability conferences, workshops, and networking events
  • Promote information exchange between Vermont’s campuses and communities
  • Serve as a link state, national, and international sustainability organization
  • Facilitate collaborations between campuses and Vermont’s energy-related organizations

VCSN joined VHEC in 2015 and is supported with funding through Efficiency Vermont.

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