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Vermont Institutional Research Network (VIRN)

The Vermont Institutional Research Network (VIRN) is a network of IR staff and data managers from member institutions and the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. VIRN works with VHEC to collect meaningful data on the impact of higher education in Vermont and also meets on a regular basis to pursue joint professional development opportunities and networking.


The Vermont Institutional Research Network (VIRN) was formed in 2015 as a new iteration of VHEC’s longstanding “Data Committee.”  The Data Committee worked with VHEC for many years to collect comprehensive data on higher education enrollment and the impact of our campuses on Vermont’s social and economic landscape.  

VIRN maintains the role of statewide data collection, but aims to produce reports that are not only useful to an internal audience but meaningful to our external partners.  To that end, a small committee of VIRN members volunteer each year to serve in an advisory capacity for VHEC’s data collection endeavors.  Members of VIRN then work with their campuses to provide necessary data for collective reports.

VIRN also meets regularly to pursue networking and professional development opportunities that are of common interest.

VIRN is supported by VHEC’s Executive Director, but its activities are guided by members of the VIRN advisory committee.

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